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Do you want to learn how to make a career with an online business or you have a business and want to grow it or maybe you are looking for a gig to make extra money on the side? If you answered yes to any of the above then Business Accelerator Course is for you.

There has never been a better time to build and grow business. With the emergence of the web, it has become increasingly easy to reach billions of people. However, the majority of people are not able to take advantage of this great opportunity because they lack the understanding of how to build a business online and grow it.

Anyone who masters the sequence to build a website that converts and grow have the potential to dominate the business by starting their own business or provide services to websites that need to grow their business in exchange for a good fee.

Why Enroll in Business Acceleration Certification Course?

This is the only practical course in the whole world where you build and scale an actual business of your own. If you are starting from scratch you choose an industry, build a course, create a website for it, then build traffic and generate sales and finally scale it. You get to do all of this within 8 weeks with the help of our coaches. If you are someone who already has a business, then you get to grow it during this course. 

This way not only do you learn the skill to build and grow business but you actually get to do it and you learn the various obstacles that come in the way and how to get over them. This experience is priceless. You can then continue to grow your business or take this skill and work for a company or start an agency to help other websites and business owners.

What's In This Course?

Business Acceleration is an 8-week practical training course. Each week you will learn a new topic and apply it in the real world. You will then submit your work for evaluation and feedback from instructors then apply changes based on instructor feedback. By the end of 8 weeks, you will have a business that is ready for the real world. This is what you will learn in 8-week program:

Week 1

The first week you will learn how to choose an industry to work in, how to create a product that has the potential to sell big, how to create it fast, how to brand it and get ready for sales

Week 2

You will learn how to build a website and sales offers for your product. You will learn how to create offers that sell. You will learn to build sales funnels so you can bring visitors and make them buy.

Week 3

Now that you have a product and website ready, you will learn how to drive traffic to your website. You will learn both paid and free traffic sources. You will implement the lessons and start driving traffic to your website.

Week 4

This week you will continue to work on traffic. Driving traffic is a crucial step in business. It is important you get this right because the more traffic you can bring to your website, the more money you make.

Week 5

Now that you have traffic coming, you will learn how to build a relationship with visitors using email. This week you will learn how to write an email series that makes the customer like you and buy from you. You will learn how to create autoresponders, what services to use, how to set them up and how to use them to get more sales.

Week 6

This week, you learn the art of copywriting. You will learn how to write sales pages, create sales videos and copy for landing pages that attract visitors and brings sales.

Week 7

Now you have a business that is up and running, you have traffic coming in and buying from you. We will now make changes to improve our profits. You will learn inside strategies to make customers pay you more money and buy more products and services

Week 8

By this point, you have a business that is up and running and making you profit. Now it’s time to scale it and make it grow into a big automated machine.


Upon completing the course, you will get a certification from Ivy Business School that you have completed the business accelerator course and you are one of the few people in the world skilled to build and grow big businesses.

What My Past Students Say

*These testimonies are not to suggest that you will experience the same results. These are to show what some of the students have achieved in the past. Your results may completely vary. 

3 Enrollment Options - Choose 1

Class Level 101

  • Full Course Access
  • Instructor Assistance For 12 Weeks

Class Level 201

  • Full Course Access
  • Instructor Assistance Until You Earn Rs 25,000 In Your Business

Class Level 301

  • Full Course Access
  • Instructor Assistance Until You Earn Rs 50,000 In Your Business


Most frequent questions and answers

No problem. The course designed to help you study and execute at your pace. You will have access to class material for a lifetime. However, you must have a live store up and selling within 6 months to pass the class and get the certification.

The Course Is In Simple English With Transcripts To Follow Along. However, you must know basic English to follow along.

Not at all. The course is in simple English with transcripts to follow along. We show you tricks in the course that will totally make up for your limited English skills. However, you must know basic English to follow along.

The main difference between the 3 levels of classes is support. You get the same lessons in all classes. For level 101 you get a total of 12 weeks of instructor support to help you build your course and grow it. For level 201 you get instructor support until you sell goods or services in your business worth Rs 25,000 or 6 months whichever is first. For level 301 you get instructor support until you sell goods or services in your business worth Rs 50,000 or 6 months whichever is first.

There are two reasons for this: 1. We want to motivate you and take action. It is easy to get distracted and fall behind. This makes sure that you complete the course and build a business or grow your existing one. 2. We can only handle so many students at a time. We need to free up for the next batch. So it is important that you complete the course within 6 months to earn a course completion certificate.

No, you do not lose your class access. You have access to the class for life. You only lose access to FREE instructor support. If you feel you need more instructor support after 6 months you can buy it by paying extra fees.

Yes absolutely. You have one week to try and cancel the class if you do not like it. However like most schools, once the withdrawal period is over you cannot drop out of the class or cancel it.

Unfortunately, there is no way anyone can ever guarantee results. We don’t know you, we don’t know how much work you will put in and therefore we cannot guarantee any results. All we can offer is extensive support to help you master the knowledge from the class. If you do the work chances are that you will get results. You are learning from teachers who have been successful in marketing already.

Every week you send an email to your instructor and submit the work for that week. Your instructor will go over your work and give you feedback to make changes or improvements to your work. After 8 weeks when you have completed your course either you have already reached your goal or you continue to seek help from instructors for the next 4 months for help. In addition, you will have a monthly live webinar for 6 months where you get to ask questions in person, show your work and see what your peers are doing.

Send an email to support@ivybusinessschool.com for more information and to get answers for any questions you may have.

Magic Leone

Magic started as a poor immigrant from India with no money, no friends or family, no education and no skills. In just a few years he went from being completely broke to becoming a millionaire using his business accelerator skills.

He has been featured on BBC, CBS, The Daily Telegraph, USA Today and many more international channels for my accomplishments. Magic is also the Amazon Bestseller Author for 2 books he wrote recently. With hard work and testing every method possible, he found a way to make Big Money consistently.

Magic has mastered the art of selling big-ticket expensive items using online marketing. Here are a few samples of his sales figures:

*These sales figures no way to suggest that you will make the same money. This just to show that your instructor truly has an expertise in the industry


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