"Magic is an exceptional coach, digging to the core of peoples motivations in business and personal interactions. His no-nonsense approach helps you feel strong about yourself, have the right conversations and achieve results"

-Michael Antonov (Co-Founder Oculus)

World's Only Practical Business, Sales And Marketing School

This school changed my life. I earn in dollars while living in Bhopal, India. I make more money than my friends who are a doctors and engineers and I work on my schedule around my family. This was the best investment of my life.

-Anita Jain, Digital Expert Pvt Ltd. India

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Why Study At IVY Business School?

Ivy Business School offers most extensive and practical marketing, sales and investment training. The entire curriculum is planned so students work on real-life projects and not just theory. Our business and marketing courses encourage students to start their own business or agency as part of training so they have a running and profitable business by the time they complete their education.

We work with students until they recover their tuition from making a profit in their business. This will give you plenty of experience and confidence. You will finish school with not just knowledge but a career that is financially beneficial. There is no other school on the planet that does this. Now that is a new standard in education.

All courses at IVY Business School are created by members who have successfully built, run or managed million dollar businesses. Every member has proved to be a leader in their industry. Ivy Business is one thing you can’t afford NOT to have if you are serious about growing. 

All course are online so you can learn at your pace and preferred time of choosing. This way you do not have to miss important things in life while working on building your career.

By the end of course, you develop confidence in your ability to use your skills in the real world and succeed because you have already done that in the course. This is the only way to start a career on the right track.

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Exploratory Classes

Enroll in this FREE course to learn why building a career in business marketing is the safest choice today. You will understand how money works, how people get rich and why it is important to be wealthy not just rich. You will learn an important recession proof business skill that will allow you to be independent, free and financially secure forever. This course will teach you how to hit the ground running fast by starting a career that is financially lucrative and allows you to build wealth without sacrificing your freedom. This is the only course that goes beyond business and teaches you how to build a business that supports your life goals and not consume them. This course is mandatory for anyone who wants to build a financially secure future without sacrificing the joys of life.

Duration: 56.15 Minutes

Take this course to see how million dollar brands are built from scratch. You can use this knowledge to start your own business or grow your business. If you provide business building or internet marketing services share these 7 steps as a strategy to your prospective clients and you will land their business every single time. 

Duration: 26.40 Minutes

7 Steps To Million Dollar Business

Free Book: Yes, You Can Be Rich - The Secret To Get Rich When You Have No Money

Read this Amazon Bestseller to learn how anyone can build wealth for themselves regardless of their starting point. This is an excellent book by author Magic Leone who teaches how he went from being a broke immigrant from india who ended up building a millions dollar business. He shares the strategies he used to start with nothing in his pocket and how he has helped hundreds of men and women become rich using strategies from this book.

Length: 206 Pages

It was scary to make a career change in mid 40's but I am glad I did. I was unhappy with my work schedule and responsibilities. I was always tired in the evenings. I now make more money than ever before and feels great to be my own boss.

-Jeff Warren, Adwords Manager NY, USA

Professional Ed Certification Courses​

Business Acceleration Certification

Email Marketing Certification

Facebook Marketing Certification

Copywriting Expert Certification

Sales Funnel Expert Certification

Online Marketing Certification

Executives From Fortune 500 Companies Train With us

And Many More

“Magic is ‘one in a million.’ I’ve worked with a lot of brilliant people in the areas of medicine and the behavioral sciences, but I have never met anyone who understands people and can create growth like Magic. He is great at getting inside people’s’ heads and figuring out what needs to change to get you to where you want to be in life. He has a lot of business know how and can truly ‘walk the walk.’ He has changed my life in several areas and has helped to bring me to levels of success that I never thought possible. Over the 9 years that I’ve known Magic, I’ve seen him transform other people for the better, both personally and professionally. If you work with Magic Leone, you will NOT regret it!”

Joseph A. Hanson, D.O.​


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