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Meet Magic Leone (Manish Singh) The Founder Of Ivy Business School

Hi, I’m Magic Leone. I started as a poor immigrant from India with no money, no friends or family, no education and no skills. In just a few years I went from being completely broke to becoming a millionaire working 3-4 hours a day from my laptop and cell phone while traveling the world.

I have been featured on BBC, CBS, The Daily Telegraph, USA Today and many more international channels for my accomplishments. With hard work and testing every method possible, I found a way to make Big Money consistently.

My biggest accomplishment is not making big money for myself, it is to help others make money and live a happy life.

I was a failure for most of my early life. My life changed because I found people who mentored me and helped me succeed. But many people don’t have the same opportunity. My goal with this Ivy School is to help everyone become successful, financially independent and happy in life.

I am not God so I won’t promise big results or make giant claims but I promise you this that if you join Ivy Business School my team and I will do everything in our power to help you succeed in life and become financially independent. I promise to do everything to level up your life and finances. And that is the mission of Ivy Business School.

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